Warehouse service

You can rent a warehouse or pallet places and entrust our team with the warehouse works. The organisation of our warehouse is based on a WMS (specialised warehouse management software). This facilitates warehouse work, speeds up the processes, increases the quality of service and minimises the likelihood of errors. The following standards are fully integrated: ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015 and GDP (Good Distribution Practices). The warehouses have all types of loading and unloading equipment. 

The full service warehouse offers the following elements:

  • Accepting delivery requests;
  • Accepting goods in the warehouse;
  • Arranging as per defined item lists;
  • Managing warehouse stock with dedicated WMS software. The Warehouse Management System enables the remote write-off of requests;
  • Accepting write-off requests in our office or automatic login to the system in the event of a remote write-off;
  • Preparing requests;
  • Handing over the prepared requests to your employee or client;
  • Preparing inquiries for the warehouse activity – stocks, backdated inventories, inquiries on the availability of pallets, inquiries on the movement of goods by dates, items, batches, inquiries on the movement of goods (entrance and exit), inquiries on commissioning. 

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