Our warehouse is located in the modern logistics center of CTP in Sofia. The buildings are conveniently located with full access for cargo and small vehicles. All warehouses meet the modern requirements of the market, with a pallet storage height of 13-17m, the presence of a large enough parking lot for free maneuvering of trucks, 24-hour security.

Characteristics of warehouses

  • External walls - thermal insulation panels;

  • Floor covering - dust-free polished concrete;

  • Ceiling - thermal insulation and waterproofing membrane;

  • Firefighting

  • Width of the working corridors between the rack structures - 3m.;

  • Levelers with electro-hydraulic drive.

The goods are stored in a rack system with storage cells for three Euro pallets and a load capacity of 2100 kg. on shelf, six and eight lines high.

The monthly rent for the storage of goods is formed on a daily basis per pallet space and depends on the dimensions of the pallet. If the pallet has dimensions other than those of a standard European pallet, an additional coefficient is charged.

Why choose us?
We have many years of experience in the field of logistics services. We work reliably and efficiently, ensuring full transparency and accountability for our clients.


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